Implementation of "I don't care about cookies" not working

I have read this page: Both the issue and the milestone are closed; I assume that the feature has been implemented.

However, it doesn’t work on my machine (Brave 1.16.72, Windows 10).

So I opened brave://adblock I checked “Easylist-Cookie List - Filter Obtrusive Cookie Notices”, which seems to be a different list, and the vast majority of cookie notices (in my country) still was not blocked.

Then I copied the whole list from and pasted it into the text area at the bottom of brave://adblock
Now, almost every notice gets blocked (except for Google, for instance, but I don’t care).

That being said, did I really have to do this to make it work? Shoudn’t the list be embedded in Brave?

We implemented Easylist Cookies in brave://adblock which will block the cookies messages.

@fanboynz thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, I have to say that the Easylist-Cookie List hardly blocks any cookie notices in my country (Italy — I mostly visit Italian websites). IDCAC is almost impeccable instead. So I decided to reinstall the IDCAC extension and remove the copy-pasted list from brave://adblock (too much text was slowing down the page). I also disabled the Easylist-Cookie List, which doesn’t seem to make any difference.

However, I activated Fanboy's Annoyance List — which includes EasyList Cookie if I’m not mistaken — in uBlock Origin on Firefox, and it works well against cookie notices in Italy. I don’t need IDCAC on Firefox anymore.

Could it be possible to do the same thing in Brave?

And another question: are EasyList Cookie, and Easylist-Cookie List - Filter Obtrusive Cookie Notices in Brave, the same list?

Correct, its the same list. I’ll review further changes to help out with Italian sites in the coming weeks for Easylist Cookie.

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@fanboynz Is there a way I can volunteer for this project?
FWIW, I am an Oracle/Microsoft certified developer.