Implement the Open Search client specification (like Chromium's "Tab to Search" feature)


On Chrome, after you visit a website that adheres to the universal search standard (I think that’s what it was called, can’t find a reference), Chrome enables this feature where:

This is super useful and I really miss it in Brave.

Add OpenSearch support, Add search bar search engine suggestion

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Just wondering. How about Engine Go Key that Brave already have? Like typing :w Brave Web Browser in URL bar and hit enter will open Wikipedia and search term Brave Web Browser.

The list is under Preferences > Search.


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Engine Go Key is a good solution for the most common websites, but it requires manually adding new ones, remembering the key combination, and misses some other benefits of the Open Search specification like autocomplete.

(The term was open search, not “universal search” like I thought, that’s why I wasn’t finding the reference.)

IE, Firefox, and Chrome all adopt the standard, and well as 200,000+ websites (search for “opensearchdescription” on publicwww, I only have 2 links for this post), including most if not all the ones listed in the default Engine Go Key settings.

Here are the relevant references:

  • Details about Chromium’s Tab to Search feature
  • Open Search FAQ and specification

I do think Engine Go Keys and Open Search are complementary though, so not advocating for one to take the other’s place, but for Open Search to be considered as a future enhancement alongside EGKs.


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I forward the request to GH for consideration. You can track it here:

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