Implement Non-bulky Download Notifier

Hear me out… I believe this would be an excellent feature. It’s something I disliked greatly from using Chrome because it cut off a lot of necessary space on my monitor. I’ve dealt with it thus far and just hoping the Brave Team could implement something rather than using a third-party extension. I suggest making a permanent and/or temporary download notifier somewhere along the URL bar to increase screen usage and to hamper down on the webpage resizing (causes my computer to jank sometimes).

What does the Brave community think?

I’m also of the mind it’s a bit…clunky.
I’ve toyed with the idea of looking into whether it can be customised, but I always seem to get distracted and figure I’ll stumble onto it one of these days, but I haven’t yet.
I guess that makes two of us.

Be inspired by Firefox’s coloring and animating of the download icon.