Implement native GTK buttons on Linux



Currently, Brave uses the native Linux title bar and it would be awesome if native GTK buttons could be implemented so that a title bar is not needed. Brave would look much cleaner and there would be more space for websites, especially on laptops. Chrome has a good approach where by default native buttons are used and the user can switch to a full title bar depending on the preference.

Chrome CSD:

Chrome bug tracker link:

Firefox CSD:

Firefox bug tracker link:


It looks a nice suggestion :smile: I’m going to forward it to the dev team. Thanks!


I forwarded it here:




Thanks for such a fast response! :smiley:

This and the menu bar show/hide on launch fix and Brave will be perfect on Linux from an UX perspective.


I see. The team is currently so much busy in integrating BAT, so it’ll take some time to fix those issues. Bear with them :slight_smile:

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