Img2Tab extension

I don’t believe this was requested before, I couldn’t find it listed. I would love to see Img2Tab added in Brave by default or allowed to be installed separately. Img2Tab is nice little feature to have, especially since “View Page Info” option isn’t available like it is in Firefox. Img2Tab is actually a lot easier and nicer to use, cause you right click and can open images on any page into a new tab. If I wanted to save images from instagram to hard drive, I’d have to “View page source”, weed through page code, find the original image link, copy it, paste it and load it in new pages each time.

Also, it would be nice if we’re able to just install Chrome extensions from Google Chrome store or whatever. I’m new to Brave and loving it, but not loving the fact you can’t just install Chrome extensions from the store. Most all chrome based browsers allow that at least. Users should be able to install whatever extension they’d like, despite possible security issues arise, it’s not the place of browser developers to decide what users can/could install for themselves.

I know you’re all concerned about privacy and security, but it’s still should be up to the users to decide what they want or not. I’ve currently uninstalled Brave Browser and won’t use it until users are allowed to install whatever extensions they want. It’s shame though I had to uninstall it… :frowning:

+1 for me : I DO love the “information on the page” (Ctrl I) of Firefox and it seems to be missing in Brave (At least, I did not find it)