Images on DuckDuckGo search not displaying

Apologies, I don’t know if this is a DuckDuckGo issue or a Brave issue but thought I’d start here.

When I use DuckDuckGo search the images don’t display - that’s both in the Web search results and Images search. Screenshot attached above.

Brave version:

Now, this actually used to work. The only thing that changed was that I have a new SIM card, although I can’t think of a reason why this would be an issue with SIM settings.

Does anyone know of any settings in Brave that might be causing this?


Hi @simonlayfield,

Testing on my end, I’m unable to reproduce this error. Do search results display normally when using other engines? Additionally, does using DDG with Shields down produce the same behavior?

Hey Mattches - I’ve just realised that the issue doesn’t occur if I switch to Wifi, so it must be an issue with my mobile network.

Fee free to close this. Apologies for the unnecessary ticket.

Thanks for the prompt response all the same!

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My pleasure! If the issue pops up again don’t hesitate to reach out!