Images not displaying

Another report of images not appearing in Desktop Brave - I can’t find any notification that others reporting this issue have resolved it. As a developer, I can’t put a note on the page, telling Brave users to down shields!

You won’t be able to replicate this (yet). I am a web developer, as this page is currently on my local XAMPP web server, and not available on line. However, I can create a copy of the page to upload it and test any situation you may want to ask about

JUST ONE image does not appear until I have switched off shields. Other images appear just fine. The image which does not appear is from a different source.

I am using PHP Version 7.4.11.

I have one cookie, which is created by the PHP Session. This cookie has the name PHPSESSID and a value of bkv7j56eo9kuiu3n1atj9qnqk5 - and is due to expire at the end of the session.

The page contains code for Google Analytics, and no advertisements.

The other browsers that I use for testing, all show the image correctly. Chrome, Edge, Opera, Firefox, and Firefox Developer.

If you have any questions, or would like me to try anything with this page, please let me know.

What is the image type?


I can’t get away with just answering .png, it seems! So I have had to add more text…

I notice that the “intrinsic size” of the images are being reported differently to other browsers.

One image has a size of 402 x 299px. CSS reduces the height to 100px, so the width automatically corrects. Other browsers report the image size as 134 x 100 (intrinsic 402 x 299px), whereas Brave reports it as 100x100 (instrinsic 1px x 1px) (note, no css adjustment to width)

The result is that a 1px (or in another case, a 0px) image is displayed, and so does not display as a “broken image”, which it would if the URL to the image was wrong.

Hence, the image does not appear, and neither does an error message.

Note that this is ONLY on Brave, not on any other browser that I have found so far.

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