Image search - difficult to zoom in and pan

On Android (in brave browser 1.35.103) when using brave image search, and selecting an image to have it enlarge; after you’ve pinched-zoom in, it’s nearly impossible to pan or make adjustments to the zoom of the current selected image, because the UI interprets it as swiping to view the next image. So as a result the next image is selected when trying to adjust the zoom or pan on the current image.


Please read and edit your Original Post (“OP”).

Brave Support will need

  • Brave Browser version numbers

  • Clarification of “pincmakw adjustments to the zoom”

  • Clarification of what you mean by “it” in: “it accidentally moving to the next image”

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Better, and thank you.

Brave Support will much prefer that you update your Brave Browser version.

The latest Stable Release version:

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