Image search bringing me to Bing or Google?

@anon57438784 has been warned about the way they “help” people here on Community. @JaneQPublic thank you for being respectful regardless.

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Bear in mind that prior to this it was always using Bing, just transparently. They said that at day 1 and then said eventually they would be providing their own.

One thing they could do though is if Brave’s own images and videos feature is not imminently available, then embed a Bing or Google images inside a Brave page so that it’s seamless. Or just default to Bing, as they’d been doing all along.

But you have been supporting Microsoft, since Bing was being used for image searching from day 1!

Personally, I don’t have a problem with usage of Big Tech (and it’s impossible to avoid it completely) but I do like having the option to switch in and out when I choose to, according to my purposes.

@Saoiray Yes, they cold have just kept the previous embedded image/video search (while being transparent) or removed until fixed.

@bloodybob DDG also uses Bing for images/videos but at least it will be independent of your Bing account if you have one.

@Elliezrah yes, I noticed the sync with account. That sucks.

Having said that, in all this I rarely use dedicated image/video search in any search engine. So it’s not an urgent issue for me personally.

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Emi, that’s funny, because Brave’s own search engine did not bring up their own blog post on this subject or their Twitter feed. Yet, what does come up in Brave Search when researching this topic are all of the glowing articles from major internet publications from 2021 about how Brave had just given Silicon Valley “the middle finger” by removing the last vestiges of reliance upon Bing! So, here we are temporarily relying upon Bing again.

The other information you provided is helpful when the sarcasm and insults are filtered out. Some of us have advanced degrees and we didn’t get there by being poor readers or hard of understanding. We also don’t shill for organizations we like; we challenge them to be better by providing user feedback, sometimes by raising questions.

There’s no need to attack your fellow Brave community members.

Have a good day.

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