Image drag/drop to Photoshop not working


Win10x64, Brave 0.18.14
Photoshop CC 2017.0.1

In Brave (and Chrome, makes sense), if I am viewing an image (URL ends in .jpg), I can drag and drop an image into my email client (Thunderbird) but not into Photoshop. Shields up/down do not affect this.

I am able to do this with Firefox, using the identical URL.

Don’t see this mentioned, looking for corroboration.



Can’t drag any images from Brave to other apps. This works fine in Safari on OS 10.13

It’s very useful to be able to drag images from the web direct to a destination (powerpoint etc.)


Is this issue still reproduced?


Correct, still not working. Tested on Win10 10.0.15063, Brave 0.19.95, Photoshop CC 19.0

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