I'm verified on my page

I’m verified on my page, but not in brave rewards wallet.I

Hi @Nomogi77,

Thanks for your post!

Let’s try and troubleshoot. When did you verify your page, and whats your publishers URL?

CC’ing my colleague @Asad who can also help out.


Well now that I look a little closer, there is another site waiting for verification it says 3 days so I’ll check back in then if there is still a problem, thank you for the prompt reply! If you are seeing this post and are having problems with verification I understand the frustration but in all seriousness the best option is patience I am now verified and able to receive and tip. I think this Idea is going to help so many people and we have lived without it forever, a few more weeks or days is worth it trust me. Thank you. And good luck let’s all try and support one another scratch one anothers back so to speak. PEACE everyone!

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