Im unwillingly done with rewards

i was trying to hold out as long as possible but my laptop failed and that had a wallet on it then the regular browser didn’t want to work so i move to the beta browser and verified my wallet there and finally my desktop which was on its last leg finally exploded and that was my first wallet, if you kept count that’s 4 wallets laptop desktop and 2 on mobile well my mobile finally failed today. so i have 4 LIFETIME wallets occupied by devices i no longer have access to. this was gonna be a problem for everyone eventually with the life cycle of computer averaging around 4 years before a user upgrades and people upgrade phone about every 2 years on average.

do the math if you start 1 pc and 1 phone after 2 years that’s a new phone and 2 more year later that another phone and computer there’s your 4 LIFETIME devices its been 6 years since brave was release so im probably not the first to have this issue but i can see a lot more people having it soon.

would be real nice if you could just remove a device from a uphold.

Check the above post for a temporary solution. In addition they are working on finally having a way to either rid the devices ourselves or get rid of the limit. However, not sure when it will be done, but change is at least coming.

We’re getting rid of linking limits in the coming months. We’re actively working on it. In the meantime, support team can help free up a slot for you.

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