I'm Too Scared To Delete My Browsing History By A Mistake In My Own Phone And How To Recover The Deleted Browsing History In The Brave Browser In iOS?

Guys, I really need help here, last time I deleted some websites that I didn’t search for, but now I’m too afraid to delete a browsing history of my own iPhone 8 Plus that’s running iOS 14.7.1 if I lose a browsing history forever, so can you please help me with how to recover a deleted browsing history on The Brave Browser of my own iPhone 8 Plus that’s running iOS 14.7.1? :frowning:

never used anything apple related, so cant say much about ios or mac but brave is chromium which means history will be preserved only for last 3 months use. if something is important, bookmark them

Another alternative way if you dont want to save bookmarks more often, maybe try cloud based session manager like toast


it will save all of your tab history using your google account and not on your computer, so even if your computer os crashes, your tabs/links wont be lost…

you need to do this every time while you end your session if you want to preserve everything

you’ll see this window in top right side of the browser near the extensions area, click save

and then later you can find/manage your saved sessions in the webapp
Visit this link


this wont work on mobiles however… Anyway i would advise you to save bookmarks as its more easy…

Also if you open multiple windows, you need to save all of those tabs manually aswell as the save all tabs will only save the tabs of existing current window.

Yes, I have saved many of the bookmarks as favourites but I’m too afraid to delete any favourites from The Brave Browser because I wanted to save it for later. I wanted anybody to help me with how to retrieve 2 deleted favourites on my own iPhone 8 Plus that’s running iOS 14.7.1, I guess that I meant mobile support and not desktop support because I didn’t even download Google Chrome in The App Store. However, I can’t do that, I was still looking for a solution on how to retrieve the browsing history on The Brave Browser for iOS/Android because The Brave Browser doesn’t have the extensions feature to install this extension called “Toast - Save The Tabs For Later” of my own iPhone 8 Plus that’s running iOS 14.7.1 because this is not a solution what I’m looking for. :frowning:

Would anyone please help me? I’m still afraid of something. :frowning:

@JayceIsNowHere there’s no way to recover deleted history. So if you’ve erased it, then it’s gone forever. And there’s a limit to History as well. After it reaches a certain timeframe or size, certain history will automatically be deleted. If you want to retain certain websites, you would need to do so as a bookmark, by taking screenshots, or via using an external program/app (of which I have no suggestions).

Also want to note this means your device is no longer supported. The current version of Brave requires iOS 15.0 or later. So you’re likely using an outdated version of the browser and may be missing some features.

Regardless, Brave doesn’t have a way to restore deleted History. I’m also not sure of a way to export History either.

But there’s no history limit in Brave History, so I guess it shows earlier when I scroll down to the bottom of a history, it is still there, bro. I was wondering if there’s a sync option to sync everything in The Brave Browser for iOS.

Yeah, there is. I know in general Brave has a maximum retention time of 3 months for browsing history. But I know there’s also a limit on the number of entries. Unfortunately I can’t remember what that max number is.

There is a sync option, but it doesn’t sync “everything” as you’re speaking in terms of history. The only history that gets synced between devices is typed history. In other words, clicking on links or going somewhere via a bookmark or favorite won’t show up in your synced history. The only thing that shows up in synced history are full URL you manually type. And it’s also restricted to the amount of entries that can appear.

Bro, how can I turn on the sync for The Brave Browser for my own iPhone 8 Plus, bro? :confused:

To your own last reply, no no no no no no no, this can’t always be happening in the future, bro! :persevere::sob:

Please, please, please, please, I actually can’t believe this could be happening again in the future, I just search up on The Google Search Engine, and I found out a tons of the threads that people were experiencing about how to recover the deleted browsing history on The Brave Browser if some people accidentally deleted The Brave Browsing History, bro! They complained and felt very upset on accidentally deleting The Brave Browser History, bro! :cry:

This is very terrible for the people who don’t know how to retrieve the browsing history again on The Brave Browser once they accidentally deleted already, bro! :sob:

You need to get over it as you already seem to lost it

And then try to recall all of the sites which you were using and start bookmarking them where it will startsup your recovery journey

If something is that important, you’ll eventually find it later…Your only weapon is now your memory.

I also lost history 4 years ago, At first, it was depressing and then i used my memory power to successfully retrieve most of the essential websites and in this effort of recovery journey i have discovered more useful sites wherein otherwise i would haven’t know about it(i mean if the history weren’t lost)… once i discovered all these new websites, the lost history doesn’t seem to be bothering me to any extent. Good Luck.

Also make sure to export bookmarks more often and store it in the cloud… Do not rely on sync all the times

Do a Ctrl-Shift-D Instead - of using Toast, Which goves a company all your browsing info, captures your info and puts it in the cloud.

NOTHING is gone forever, just ask the fbi/nsa/cia hunters laptop, hillary’s emails

Yep, I may also agree with you. :slight_smile:

Well, then, we hate the history limits for most of the browsers that only store for a day to 3 months except The Microsoft Internet Explorer and The Mozilla Firefox, and I really wish that there’s the possible ways to extend The Browsing History for The Brave Browser for the mobile devices (iOS and Android) and desktop as well for most of the people who hated the history limits for the most browsers that only store for a day to 3 months except The Microsoft Internet Explorer and The Mozilla Firefox and wish to extend it more history by the way, bro, I guess that I didn’t realized that there’s a sync button for The Brave Browser, bro.

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