I'm tired of this situation now

dude, just because you don’t have a problem now doesn’t mean you won’t have it in the future, and almost everyone is complaining about this problem.

On my PC I got all. Even the roll overs from the past months, but on my ondroid around 50% rolled over.

brave is a scam from now on.


Can’t wait for 3 days of radio silence, then a single post they are looking into it and just after the payouts close for this month they will promise next month will go smoothly…

Or wait, maybe i’m mixing it with the previous month. Or the one before it…

:joy: :joy: :joy: Yeah u r right. They will do exactly the same.

You must wait some time after watching ads, otherwise they’ll rollover forever (the ones you’ve seen and wasn’t reconciled within few days are usually never reconciled).

They’ve been working on it. In prior months mine all was rolling forward but this month it seems like I’m getting 99.9% or so of my payment. (Estimated Earnings last night was 16.496 and banner shows me getting 15.843 and the rest roller over.

They’ve been working on infrastructure and getting adjustments in. Plus they are talking about changing how Rewards work, but you’ll have to hold on for updates on that as they don’t want to get people excited and then not be able to implement how they are thinking.

We are at least getting our BAT. Yes, it gets delayed and it can be annoying, but just try to hold on a bit longer.


Do you have any evidence of your reasoning? Because I do not think it works the way you present it. At least, from my logs, reconciliation occurs only once a month


I think that’s the next contribution reconcile stamp. At least these github posts suggest that’s the case.

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Please see the following thread for next steps regarding this issue: THREAD: "BAT payout significantly less than estimated earnings" issue

Good find. ac → Automatic contributions (tips).

some of it isn’t paid during the window of when they are paying you so its being added to the next payment and so on and so forth

Sorry but, If you’re just here for the payment/money, then i feel sorry for you!
I didn’t join here because i’m expecting to get rich by clicking some ads.
That didn’t happen in the past and it won’t happen in the future.

I’m here because i don’t like ads and i want to support this project, not hoping to get rich.

If i wanna earn 10bucks (extra or exclusively) per month, then i would just go work for ~1 hour, that would be more effective.

be patient…

Love you all!


Same issue i just get 0.873 instead of 14,256

It is rather eye opening on how upset some people get over a few cents. I absolutely understand if something is promised, then you should get it.
One member eve said they were being scammed.

Seriously? Scammed? Just how much money did Brave steal from your bank account? OK, want to say your time was stolen? Well, weren’t you on the Internet anyway? So you use Chrome or FF and get zero or you use Brave and get rewarded. Either way you’re using a browser for X amount of time.

Obviously there are some issue being worked out. Every relatively new tech idea/product has growing pains. But I suppose the world we live in now mandates instant gratification.

I agree with Murphmesiter… be patient. I don’t think Brave wants or deserves any Karens or Chads here.


Some people live in areas of the world where a few USD can make a difference. I live in the US and the BAT I earn from ads and contributions isn’t at all important to me. Still, it’s a nice little perk even if I don’t need the money and I can tip people that might find more use for it. Here’s the thing for me: I’ve been a fan of BAT and its use cases for quite a while. I get irritated when the project I’m a fan of seems so full of bugs.


That’s absolutely OK!
But keep in mind, there are no projects without bugs.
If somebody is really in need, i would spend my 1,308BAT which i gonna earn in 6 days,.

AGREED. Its nonsensical

send me some then. I don’t that much bat.

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