I'm Still not veryfied by youtube channel. Possible reason?


Sorry that i’m repeat this issue a thousand time. My YouTube channel isn’t verified, I’ve connected with Uphold and Brave account. I’m waiting for it a long time, and I tried to be verified for hundred ways and still don’t know what’s wrong. If my problem is that I haven’t any film on my channel already?

My YT channel:

I’ll very grateful for any answer. Big greetings from Poland!



Hi @chajanisty,
Once you done adding your channel, it’s already finished/verified. :wink:

But if you talking about verified status on Rewards panel (BAT triangle logo at URL bar), it may require 48 hours before it’s updated. Mean, when Brave fetch the latest publisher list which happens once a day.

You also can check using Brave on different computer. :slightly_smiling_face:



I have the same problem, but I added my youtube channel come days ago and still show as not verified whwn I visit my channel.



Hi @Luca, can you go to your YouTube channel and take a screenshot of the tipping panel for us where it still says you’re not verified, please? :slight_smile: Thanks.

However, I can confirm for you that you’re verified (since you show up on the server):

Again, keep in mind that your browser only tries to update the verification status once every 48 hours. It has to download a file that is a few megabytes, so if you have a slow connection or you close your browser before the download is finished, you may not receive the update. Let us know, and we’ll be able to walk through the next steps with you.



Thank you for your answer, this is the screenshot I take in this moment, is in italian, I hope is ok.



Hi Luca, you are showing as verified for me:

Please try going to a video of yours and checking, rather than just your channel page.

Eventually, it should come up as verified for you if you wait. But you can try to force your browser to update the list of verified publishers. If you would like to do this, let me know, as I will have to give you instructions.



yes on the single videos show as verified, not yet on the channel, but if you see everything as verified is good, thank you!



Another question, maybe connected with the last, After you solved the problem of the youtube channel verifying, I made a tip on my youtube channel to see if everything was fine, but I can’s see it in my Brave Reward page. My uphold wallet is verified. Why?



Hi @Luca, contribution require 7-10 days before it’s appears on your publishers dashboard. :slightly_smiling_face:



Thank you so much @eljuno ! I will check in a few days.


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