Im Seeing Youtube Ad's

I seem to be getting the odd youtube ad making it through now and they dont come with the usual skip button that you get on youtube.

I see not only YT ads, all the Google-Related pages shows me ads now.
Also, most of the sites I visited with “AdBlock” detection now won’t load 'cos AdBlock is beeing detected.
Something is wrong, I can feel it.

There have been some adblock issues of some description across the board it seems. There have been a few threads about it. Various browsers, adblockers and filter lists have been catching up at different rates.

Got any pics of it and is your shield working ? Is Brave uptodate ?

Ads generally arent a problem on Brave for me now. Beside that, i’ve found uBlock Origin is now effectively dealing with most ads and cookie notices (Seems a bit self defeating having to install an adblocker on Brave, but on other browsers it is working just so you know, if you didnt).

Enabling Fanboy’s annoyance list solved most of the remaining cookie notice issues for me also on other browsers, but on Brave a few are still getting through.

Please don’t create new threads, we have a few already related to this topic