I'm receiving sponsored ads on my new phone

I just migrated to a new phone but I’m not recieving any sponsored ads. I’ve tried to troubleshoot it but it’s not helping. I’m recieving an ad called coinbase, which isn’t there or isn’t available in my other 3 devices. Please help.

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Today I also not receiving sponsored images, I guess tomorrow we will receive ads, as server reset.

No that’s not my issue

I’m also receive coinbase as sponsored background ad which never give ad count for reward for the past few days.It used to be 4 ad count around 1~2h for background ad, but now it’s zero count. it’s happening to every device that I’m using. so I think this is happening to most people. may be around 11am today the new background ad will change to another one. hope we’ll get the ad count.

Thanks, yeah hopefully we get a new ad by today…

What were you using before your new cell phone?

Another android device - moto

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What happened to it or are still using it?

I’m still using it, that phone is old now

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