I'm really tired of brave's referral program

I’m really tired of brave’s referral program.
@steeven he was very nice to email me before the problem happened,
but I responded with a noisy response and so far I have not received a response and my account has been under review?
Help me, what’s going on here?
How many mails will I need to send or meet you in person for my problem to resolve.

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@jameskhang Woooo ! How many referrals did you make so they’d say “very high”?

Me too, I have been under review for 3 months and I am very stuck, emailing them but there is no reply

I use my money to use google ads and bing ads tools. 6000 downloads for June

@jameskhang HOLY ! downloads or confirmed ? I think it’s forbidden to use Google ads or bing for create users… refer to https://basicattentiontoken.org/publisher-terms-of-service/

No, I have read it carefully and obey their laws. I don’t use forbidden keywords in my campaign.

@jameskhang Oh ok, and what is your website ? Maybe this is problem… if your landing page are bad or i don’t know…

Is this it? @jameskhang “Your Invitation(s) will not include any content which might in Company’s sole judgement reasonably lead a person perceiving that invitation to believe that you are representing yourself to be Company, or to be an authorized agent, representative, or affiliate of Company. You will not use Company’s branded terms including but not limited to “Brave”, “Brave.com”, “Brave Browser”, or “Brave Software” for to target or promote your Invitation(s). Your Invitation(s) will not imitate or resemble Company’s websites, social media profiles, or other public communications, nor will they use trademarks, graphics, images, logos or other assets from such.”

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I use my youtube channel. I am really sad that my efforts in the past 2 months have been so suspended.

and how much do you have confirmed referrals for June?

Hi @jameskhang - please see direct response to your email. Thank you.

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