I'm part of Brave Creators, got 9 confirmed and received 55 BAT. Should be +200

Well, during 1 month i’ve been publishing Brave Browser among all my social networks and i finally got 10 people who install and use it but from them 9 were confirmed. When payment’s day arrived i just received 55 BAT and it says 9 confirmed. So, i don’t need to be a mathematical to understand that Brave owes me money for the job i’ve done.

that can depend on several things … references what month are you talking about? I suppose that of July which were the ones that we just collected. On what date were their references confirmed? Because references confirmed after the 30th are credited to you the following month … for example, if they were confirmed on August 1st, they will be added to the balance but you will collect them in October … understand?

buenas noches todavía se estarán realizando los pagos de brave creator por que a esta fecha no he recibido ningún pago de brave creators de echo el día 6 de este mes recibí 0.27 bat de brave software internacional a uphold con un mensaje que dice que es del pago de los ADS del mes de agosto lo cual me gusto por que recibí el pago de los ADS vistos del mes de agosto, sin embargo desde esa fecha no he recibido nada de brave creators, es mas en el mes de agosto me pagaron solo 7.11 dolares del mes de julio y junio creo, cuando de echo las ganancias estimadas para esa fecha eran de mas por lo que quedo un saldo pendiente el cual a ido cambiado debido a las nuevas confirmaciones que se han realizado durante el tiempo incluso en mi uphold el mensaje de pago del mes pasado dice as recibido un pago de 7.11 dolares de brave software internacional esto fue en el mes de agosto quedando un saldo pendiente el cual supongo yo sera pagado para este mes y hoy resulta que miro mi brave creators y sigue con el mensaje en verde que dice que todavía se están procesando los pagos que vuelva mas tarde. agradezco por favor se acuerden de mi y de mi pago pendiente de brave creators miles de gracias y perdonen las molestias

Well, i’m gonna wait. Thanks!

If you have already received a July payment, that message must disappear at any time, leaving only the balance of the August references pending, which will be added as you continue to confirm your references and will be credited on the 9th of next month

creo que no me explique bien, lo que quiero decir es que en el mes de agosto me pagaron incompleto por que solo me llego un pago por 7.11 dolares de los 35 que tenia, es decir no me pagaron completo me quedaron debiendo el resto del dinero, sin embargo días después del pago me descontaron de los bat que tenia el monto de 7.11 dolares que fue lo que me pagaron en agosto tal y como tu dices en el mensaje anterior sin embargo quedo un saldo pendiente por pagar, ese dinero pendiente no me lo pagaron y a aumentando debido a las nuevas confirmaciones que fueron llegando durante el mes de agosto lo que significa que en este mes de septiembre debería de recibir el pago pendiente que quedo del mes de julio mas las nuevas confirmaciones que se han realizado y es por eso que me extraña que este mes que debería recibir mi pago pendiente del mes de julio no lo he recibido y sigo esperando hasta el momento no e recibido el pago pendiente de las referencias confirmadas y tampoco de las nuevas confirmaciones de brave creator por que este mes no he recibido pago de referencias sigo esperando, agradezco soporte pueda ayudar en este caso

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I understand you, the September payments thread has not been closed yet, they are probably still processing some payments

in the same way you are right who can give you more information are the support guys, I do not know if it has to do with the second thread also published which you should have already reviewed in the same way, I leave both for you to follow up

I really hope it gets fixed for you soon! :slightly_smiling_face:


@xgabytax can you help me with this?

Could you be more specific with your question ??? what do you need exactly?

send dm to @steeven in this case, I’m actually in the same problem but I’m still waiting for an answer, it seems like they just send you to message to calm you down a bit but then they don’t reply

@xgabytax there is no Payout in my account.

Okay. I’m bit scared cause all the thread i read yesterday and the other day that there account is suspended or banned. I have many invites.

payment for referrals ??? what month?? July references?

If you are waiting for payments for July referrals, you should follow up on the two threads that I attached in a message above in response to the other friend … dont lose patience, they do respond but remember that we are a large community and they must check each problem separately

but your account is suspended?

I don’t know if my account was suspended. I only starter to have referral last august and i receive 1 payment, but for the 2nd corfirmed referral i didn’t receive any payment, and now the Payment tab is missing. :pensive:

Did you read the second thread where it explains that the BAT shipments to uphold have been stopped momentarily?

I also understand that if your account is suspended, you will not only receive an email with the notification, but also that your bat is reflected suspended in your account, if not, do not despair, it is very likely that when they send Bats to uphold again you will receive your money but it is important that you are aware of the information they update

You should also remember that references confirmed in August will receive payment next month

So it means the payout will be every other month? Can you look at this? Does my BAT suspended?

ok I’ll explain … the references are confirmed after 30 days of use and are paid on the 8th of each month, if your friend downloaded brave with your link on July 10, he must use it for 30 days and on August11 it will be confirmed and that You will have payment on September 8, which is the payment date … that is … we have just charged the references for July and next month for August … it is all

*your account does not seem suspended

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Oh. Now i get it. Thank You Ms. Stay safe :slightly_smiling_face:

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THANKS GABY!!! It gonna help

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