Im not receiving Ads

Hello, how do ads works? because its been 3 days since i install brave browser and didnt see any popup ads or any, can someone help me understand how to earn? im from Philippines

I’m from the Philippines too. Number and frequency of Brave Ads depend on your region. Although Philippines is a supported region, the number of advertisers are few compared to other region. I think the maximum Brave Ads you will get in the Philippines is 5 at most… not sure.

so this means, no ads no earnings? even i use brave browser for 16hrs

You’ll still get ads but at most you’ll only get about 5 a day in your region compared to other regions. That’s my understanding so far on how Brave rewards work.

but its been 3 days since i install it and i dont see any ads, atleast one ads but nothing shows up

@FreeAE just browse as you usually do. Brave Ads will match your interest with the available ads catalog in your country.

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