I'm not received the content creator payout until now

hi @steeven even without receiving the creator’s payment,

At what point do I know that I will no longer receive payment? or that I still have a chance to receive it?

this situation is difficult.

yes same here only half of payment

You just keep saying that “payment is processing” but till today i have never received the payment not even once in my life i have been waiting from past few months.

Creators account email:

Still waiting for payment, are they still being processed?
already finished?

what is the status of payments to creators at this time?

Yo tambien me quedé esperando el pago, desde hace meses me salían que mi pago está en proceso pero nunca se me trasnfiere el dinero, van 3 meses sin pago

Hi all - thanks for reporting. I am reaching out to the payments team to investigate. If you haven’t already, please DM me the email linked to your account. If you’ve already sent me your info, please do not open a new thread, as it will only slow this process down. Thank you for your patience!

@steeven thanks mi email linked Is xdoofy92@gmail.com

A que correo debo enviar el mensaje, por favor díganme

Mi correo electrónico vinculado es oscarcamejox@gmail.com

Thanks everyone for your patience here. The team is actively investigating this issue.


I sent you a private message, please check it because as I have a similar problem. Thank you! @steeven

i have some problem to… please check my account : pakdedody21@gmail.com

I only bought 16 bats, the other part is not paid.

I am from Japan. Requirements in Japan will not use uphold to receive money, but must use Paypal to receive. I have successfully verified my Paypal wallet and have been waiting for more than 7 months and still cannot receive the money. I sent letters many times but they did not answer, then they did not respond to me. The handling is too bad

Answer me in the mail. Your handling is too bad. Please solve my problem, for over 7 months now I have been waiting for my money but it is not coming. Does anyone in Japan get the money?

loll, felicitaciones por tu trabajo realizado y por la recompensa de parte de la plataforma …

thanks for your work and platform’s Brave work…

mine says settled today but its still not updated in uphold.

uphold activity

its 13 th Feb but still i didnt get it bruh !! why is this happening

Are Payment for Creator/ Publisher still process?.. please give us some info ? My account : pakdedody21@gmail.com