Im not getting any ads on my laptop even after update 1.13.82

hey i have two laptops at home, one of them just stoped to get ads since last payment day , but on the other one i just keep getting those i, turn off turn on everything reinstall the last version for mojave , i clean the history and nothing i just tried everything to see what happens but nothing, any help please…!!!

update to latest version that came out today… seems like a fix for ads was in it… at least i got ads after some time of not getting any…

im gonna try now thanks

bless up mate did work…!!! i updated two days ago but this one fix the issue thanks again

after 2 adds same problem again i compared with my other laptop and im still getting on that one. shame because the issue is on my main one :frowning: any other suggestion???

no suggestions from me… I just know, so far, I got no ads today until late afternoon and i’ve been getting them since… so maybe the backend just runs on a schedule now where i won’t get ads til the afternoon and night… i dunno… :man_shrugging:

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Try creating a new profile, it worked for today for me.

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