I'm not getting Ads

I need to help, since yesterday morning the brave Ads stopped coming.
Please i need fix this issue

Hi @kelvin, you could try going through this checklist and troubleshoot possible issues - it’s helped many.

thanks for the reply, i’ve turned Ads OFF and ON again.
Let me wait to see if that fixes it or not.


Myself, there are days I get none, days when I get one, and days when my notifications are popping off - on both my Windows and Android devices.

I would go through that checklist, @kelvin, give it some more time, and bump your thread if the problem persists :slight_smile:

that is what i will do.
thanks for ur help, let me be patient a while

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Hey! thanks a lot for ur assistance i just received Ads.
:grinning: i’m happy again.


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