I'm not able to validate my uphold wallet. And can't login to Brave Wallet

I tried to set up my brave wallet before I had enough BAT to verify the uphold wallet. When I did this, I tried to save my password and nmemonic and I ended up losing it before I was able to save it to my password manager. I’ve never actually put my BAT anywhere, so I’m pretty sure this brave wallet has nothing in it. Once I had enough BAT to verify the uphold wallet, I set up a password for this (which I did not lose, yay me!), but when I try to verify the wallet, I get a message that I don’t understand. It tells me that my wallet needs to be verified. I just end up in a look, trying to verify uphold, but it won’t let me because it tells me I need to verify the wallet. Help! I keep thinking this is related to the brave wallet that I can’t get into.

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