I'm not able to swap my WETH for ETH using my brave wallet

Description of the issue:

(Using my updated Brave wallet) I sold an item in Opensea for WETH. The WETH is now in my wallet. The problem is that I cant swap it for ETH, nor can I move it to a different wallet. Every time I try to swap it, my wallet says “The receiving address is a tokens contract address.” and wont make the swap. And when I try to move my WETH to a different wallet I get this error on Etherscan “ERC-20 Token Transfer Error (Unable to locate corresponding Transfer Event Logs), Check with Sender.” Please Help!

Thanks for the report, we’re looking into this and @onyb will follow up.

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I posted an issue here to track it if you want to follow that issue too:

Is there any update on this issue? “The receiving address is a tokens contract address”

Same thing happened to me. Actually I was able to confirm transaction on brave wallet to unwrap my weth to eth. Thought it would work. It charged me a gas fee but never actually unwrapped anything. Thought it might be slow so sped up transaction but that didn’t work either just charged me more gas fee and didn’t unwrap anything. When I try to unwrap using uniswap it says I can’t unwrap it for same reason as poster (not a wallet address)

OK, I figured it out. If you had a Brave wallet before up dating to the new built-in version, then your old wallet became “deprecated”. (What ever that means) Any ways, What I had to do was make sure that I had the “deprecated” wallet open. Then I was able to swap my WETH to ETH then move my ETH to a new wallet. Hopefully Brave will fix this issue. But until then make sure you use the “deprecated” wallet to fix this problem.

So you just changed your setting to “crypto wallets (deprecated)” and then swapped within the old brave wallet the weth for eth.
this is what it’s showing me. Don’t want to go through with it because it says it’s withdrawing 0 eth but it should be more than zero. Did it work for you? Just don’t want to get burned by this again. Keep trying to unwrap my eth and losing money from gas fees. Honestly really annoying this bug exists.

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Any chance we’d be able to get a refund from brave for this? I understand it’s a brand new product and it’s technically not affiliated with Brave in the same way Brave rewards is. But would be great i would be willing to send txn history and stuff. I love Brave and have been using it for the past couple months. Really cool how they’re going all in on web 3. Just irked that I lost money from this when it was faulty software.

Sort of. You must understand that I was working with Opensea. Since I bought my NFT with the old “deprecated” wallet (before it was deprecated) and then posted it for sale on Opensea with that “deprecated” wallet (before it was deprecated) and then updated to the new built-in wallet before my NFT sold. I got the error message. So from what I can deduce is that when I sold my NFT (after the new built-in update) for WETH. Opensea did not recognize the update and thus I got the error message that I got. I then had to figure out that Opensea only recognized the old “deprecated” wallet since that is what I started the transaction on. So yes, if you started a smart contract with your Brave (pre updated built-in) wallet, then you will have to finalize that contract with the “deprecated” wallet. If that makes any since. I hope this helps you and anyone else that has had this problem too. I also hope that Brave will read this and fix this bug asap.


I am also having this issue when attempting to swap WETH for ETH in Brave Wallet. Only, I can’t open Crypto Wallets and get it to work like some have, because my Crypto Wallets is no longer functional. What a mess. Please fix it!

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This is fixed just not released. You can use the Nightly channel if you want and restore your words there to see the fix until the Hotfix is released.

Only, I can’t open Crypto Wallets and get it to work like some have, because my Crypto Wallets is no longer functional. What a mess. Please fix it!

Note that there were no changes to Crypto Wallets so there is no reason why the old wallet wouldn’t work. You can access it from brave://settings/wallet

We’ll have a release hotfix within a week with the fix. Buty ou can use Nightly in the meantime if desired or the old wallet.

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Using brave://settings/wallet gives me the same blank screen. I have a topic open on it already. Appreciate your time.

Could you go to brave://settings/wallet right click and go to inspect, then click on console. Then take a screenshot of what shows up in the console?

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Thanks that makes sense. I guess WETH is somehow tied to the original address it was wrapped with.

Thanks! Will use hotfix when it’s released. If you could let us know when it’s released that would be great. Also if there were anyway to refund lost gas fees from this that would be greatly appreciated as well.

I am still experiencing a very similar issue. i am trying to swap my eth to weth but i get the same message, “The receiving address is a tokens contract address” and i can only reject the transaction. Any suggestions?

We’re planning for the next release hotfix that has this ~7th-8th of Dec.

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Is there an update to this yet. I sold an NFT and have weth as well that I cant swap to eth. I also have $strong Nodes with contracts attached to them that I am having issues with.

I cant believe you actually sold something on open sea! I have like 50 NFT and I never received a bid on any

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https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/issues/19745 is released now in the latest hotfix. Please give it a try and if you still have an issue please post a new issue. Thanks!

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