I'm losing money because of Brave

It took me a while to figure what’s going on, but when I did I already had lost a lot of money. For some reason this browser started caching HTML since like 1 month ago I believe, and this is outrageous, because for so many times I had serious issues while developing web interfaces and scripts, and when I would press control + F5 to refresh the page cache, the changes wouldn’t work, I’d even clear the entire browser cache and no can do. I was so frustrated that I started to blame the web hosting company for what was going on, and they kept giving me the same answer “it’s all fine from our side”, what left me even more pissed because I thought they were just being irresponsible. My clients kept pressing me for results and I was going nuts until for SOME REASON I remembered that there are other browsers in the world. Only then I found out that for my surprise Brave is caching HTML all by itself, Now I ask: what kind of unintelligent developer leaves HTML caching enabled by default in a browser???
I need a workout for this, it was too hard for me to migrate to brave and I don’t want to go through all the mess of exporting, importing cookies, bookmarks and to testing the entire browser again.

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Hoping to offer you some relief from your frustration, I tried to find anything that would be a specific switch in control of Brave Browser Enabling / Disabling HTML cache / caching. No luck (but, I am not an expert re Brave Browser’s more out-of-reach refinements — and about those, maybe “Rethanis” will show up, or “FanboyNZ”.)

Using Brave Browser version 1.28.105 on a Mac, and testing both a “New Window” and a “New Private Window”, I visited the advanced search page for Startpage.com:


For each of those two windows, I also activated the Developer Tools > Network window. The following is a screenshot sample of one of the Developer Tools windows.

For both Brave Browser windows, going to the Startpage.com advanced search webpage - an HTML webpage - the [first, and] main HTML document repeatedly downloaded from the Startpage website — and not from a Brave Browser storage cache . . . as far as I can tell from the Developer Tools window (hovering mouse arrow tip of the Size column).

Some notes to self, follow, re Control + F5, and re HTML caching.

Control + F5 bypasses a webpage’s cache:

How to Clear Cache for All Major Browsers


Scroll down to “How to Force Refresh a Single Page” — where the following is:

“Again, this method only bypasses the cache for the specific page that you’re on. It leaves the rest of your browser cache untouched. Therefore, this option is great if you’re experiencing issues with just a single page.”

From a browser [client] perspective:

Caching Behavior of Web Browsers


Scroll down to “CTRL + Refresh or CTRL +F5” — where the following is:

“Hitting CTRL and Refresh (in Internet Explorer only) or CTRL and F5 (Internet Explorer and Firefox) will insert a ‘Cache-Control=no-cache’ header in the request, resulting in all of the content being served directly from the origin servers with no content being delivered from the local browser cache.”

From a server perspective:

Use HTML Caching to Increase Page Speed


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I’m much obliged for you taking your time to help me out, but no can do: the problem persists. When I use another Browser like MS Edge, it works just fine, but with brave things that shouldn’t be cached are being cached.

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