Im looking for verified creators to TIP my vBat before they delete it!

Any hockey fans out there i have a youtube that brave has finally figured out how to connect (verify) via brave web browser but not mobile app. If anyone can tip it to test it works as i have never received any yet. Their support has given up on my mobile verification issues -

I just want to say a big THANK YOU :bouquet: to whoever it was that tipped my creators account this year. Although I have kept all donations, I’ve decided to use the equivalent and a little more from my own pocket to pay a young Caymanian lady’s membership fees with the UK’s Institute of Leadership and Management so that she can access and work through all 49 components of our leadership programme, which will hopefully help her develop workplace and personal (life) skills. We’re also going to throw in some free coaching for her.

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Here is a list with verified creators(don t know actually how up to date is, since i can t find myself there in any channel).

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