Im looking for verified creators to TIP my vBat before they delete it!

Hello im looking for a verified creator to donate my bat before they erase it comment down your link and your region thank you. unfortunately my region is not supported. I won’t donate to


I agree with you, who is the verified creator I will TIP my vBAT before they revoke the vBAT because my country is also not supported

I am verified on youtube and twitter but hardly / never make any worthwhile content

for better options there is a list and search at

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I’m sorry you are losing your BAT because your regions is not supported. They are adding them back slowly, are you sure you don’t want to save them just in case they do?

I’m a verified creator too, but also not producing content either right now as the business is a side-hustle and the website merely a landing page mainly used for bookings. Our Twitter and You Tube accounts are also verified. But you might prefer to donate to somebody who is actually producing great content! :slight_smile:

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i Tipped 1.25 bat

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uphold stopped registrations on my region so i dont think we will be supported before they erase vBAT

Why not charity?

This for instance,


Thank you @Pinoy1996! @rodrige so great that Save the Children are verified - I will definitely be tipping them myself!

did the tip went through?

thanks i’ll donate to them

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Yes it did, thank you very much @Pinoy1996 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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i donated 0.5 bat again to you but its not showing the blue check for verified creator

hello ill donate to your channel again

Dang, thats rough that you’re losing your bat. I do have a youtube channel but it’s pretty much dead while I’m at school:

edit: never mind, I’ve been unverified recently. I was verified not too long ago but that’s changed evidently.

Seriously, thank you so much! I am going to donate some BAT to Save the Children by way of thanks.

if my region won’t be supported before they erased vbat i will donate all my bat to you or with @Argo

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I am grateful thank you, but I do wish it didn’t have to be like this. Feel bad for those in unsupported regions like you. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

i donated 1.750 bat to your channel i have atleast 60 bat on my browser im tempted to reset it instead of donating it all

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You can always contribute to social causes like helping children

But you can also help collection websites like



I’m also a content creator and a chess streamer (even though I haven’t streamed much due to some surgery), but in case you’re interested I’ll leave here my Twitch channel. Thank you very much in advance for your kind gesture, guys.

Bizarrebra on Twitch: