I'm in Poland, but Brave rewards unavailable

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i don t have rewards

windows 10, 1.49.120


june or july

yes. when i lived in belarus. after migration in Poland brave rewards lost and unavailable


yes, Poland

i don t know

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People living near Russia usually have Russian set as language which has been the issue lately. If that is not the case for you, go through the above linked page.

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Polish and Russian are different languages. Poland has no border with Russia. It is one of the EU member states. Contrary to the example you have linked above, Poland was not part of Soviet Union, thus they do not speak Russian.

Confusing Poland with Russia is like confusing Pakistan with India :smiley:

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Lol. I guess confused my self.

Well, well. Sorry. I thought they were. Anyway. Thanks so much for pointing out! Shoulda paid more attention to history classes lol

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not yet, but if Belarus gets absorbed, but that is all maybe in the future, technically as they are a union state and a CIS country, there is a kind of border. But agree about ads, none here in the UK!

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