I'm having trouble zooming in on pages


I want to ask you something, I use Brave,
but I’m having trouble zooming in on pages.
I always lose the zooming somewhere :slight_smile:
I have the controls and I use the side mouse wheel. (logitech mx)

I feel silly replying this as it feels quite rudimentary, but have you tried with command + plus? The same hotkey shortcuts that work on Chrome generally work on Brave, so comman + (-) or(=) work for me on my mac when I need to zoom in or out

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Pls hold ctrl key on ur keyboard and use the scroller on ur mouse…
If you have no mouse open settings and you will find (zoom)option…Adjust it according to you…
need more help…pls reach me out…

I must apologize.
I use my macbook as a desktop and have a windows keyboard connected to it.
It doesn’t have “command” keys.
But I’ve already been told that the windows key replaces it. :slight_smile:
I hope you understand, I don’t speak much English :slight_smile:

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