I'm getting to hate that same dashboard image on startup!

Should have a new image with every startup…
All the rest are great.

@ericsabo It should change every time. I know mine does on all my devices. For example, here on my Desktop:

step 01 : (from New Tab page)
brave help 01

step 02 :

see if it helps your problem.

Sorry for the language difference, but I don’t think it’s a big problem, the problem is the slowness of the video, it’s my PC that is very bad, I hope it’s helpful xd

I get this thing every time I start up. It changes if I open a new tab.
I have to look at this every single morning… (I know, it’s a hard life… lol)

So, I finally just selected a plain background yesterday. I do get a different pic when I open a new tab. But, same ol’ pic when I start up every day. Oh well. Thanx.

@ericsabo and @Sxmpra-T which OS are you using and which version of Brave?

Also, I noticed that Sxmbpra-T’s settings are in Spanish. What region is set to your OS and which languages used? I’m wondering if that might play some part.

Lastly, I see Syxmpra-T is attempting to use custom images but seems ericsabo is using Brave images.

This seems like should be a bug of sorts. Not sure if it’s tied into an extension being used, if it’s language, OS, region, or something else? It’s not like it’s able to generate a report to tell us. So ideally will need to gather what information as possible. Once can gather some of the basics, will tag in Support. But don’t want to bug them yet because there’s not enough information to replicate it yet.

I use a Laptop with Windows 10 LTSC. I use Brave Nightly, I am currently updating it, as an update came out. The language of Windows 10 is Spanish from Venezuela, South America.

Those are the extensions I use in the browser, I doubt that they affect the language, but you never know, after all, I’m not an expert hehe

@Sxmpra-T Well, it’s not about them affecting language. It’s me trying to think if there’s something in common between you and OP who seems to be having similar issues. Especially since it doesn’t seem to be replicated by others. So I’m essentially going blindfolded and tossing some darts, hoping something might stick, lol.

Have HP Notebook, Windows 10, Brave V 1.51.118 if that helps.

I just set Brave to go immediately to my gmail on startup. I then get a different background image on opening every new tab. I start Brave from my taskbar. If I have nothing to do, I’ll try it from a desktop shortcut or start menu later. For now, straight to gmail. Thanx

I gave up. I think I’m expecting my background image to behave like the Bing Wallpaper does. You know, a different photo every day. Brave has really wonderful images for the new tabs. It’s too bad they don’t cycle like Bing.
Every morning I start up Brave and am presented with the same old drab ocean scene. I know, it’s a hard life… LOL

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