I'm French and UPHOLD don't want me anymore

I’m French and UPHOLD don’t want me anymore . They don’t tell me why despite a lot of mails with their tickets.

they took weeks to return my crypto to another wallet I gave them and that’s it.

It’s been more than a year since I received my brave rewards from them and all of a sudden I get fired I don’t even know why so I would like to have a solution to be able to recover the BAT earned for navigation and ads .

Can’t I receive my brave rewards directly on the Wallet Brave?

Thanks if someone have solution……

For Uphold issues, its better to raise a ticket with them directly at

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Almost all cryptocurrency businesses will do the same. Just like if Brave ever would flag/suspend your account, they wouldn’t explain why. They likely would have direct you to https://support.uphold.com/hc/en-us/articles/360045765351-Why-we-block-or-restrict-accounts-and-how-to-reduce-the-risk and that’s where things end. They don’t actually have to explain to you and they find that going into specifics usually only leads to arguing or to people using it to try to learn how they got caught (if they were doing things wrong) and then to try to prevent detection in the future.

No, you can’t. You might find it helpful to check the links below to parts of a FAQ I wrote. It talks about why KYC/AML is required, why we can’t receive Rewards to Wallet, and also why we can’t link to Binance or other exchanges at this time.

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