I'm done this app is ridiculous

I’ve wrote and been told to do this and that than I don’t get no messages back I got bat from 2 months ago no Gemini wallet deposit . Than I get a request for things i don’t see on my app at all. I’ve stopped ads for brave that’s over 10 bat in 4 months still no explanation where my November bat is …i refuse to do anything with this app at all until I get my bat no more ads nada till this gets fixed . If not they can have their bat back and I’ll delete app. I bought bat on market as well but with this costumer service I’m sure I should sell the bat I got . I only wonder what using it in store is like probally even hard than verifying ur Gemini wallet on Android. I’m done


I swapped about $85 worth of VET into my wallet and it won’t show up no matter what I do. I have proof the transaction was successful. EDIT: DougCrew emailed me and solved the problem. VET is not a compatible coin. I was able to transfer it into a compatible wallet.

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