I'm Developing A Real Love-Hate Relationship With Your Browser

After 20 plus years of using Firefox, I downloaded Brave and uninstalled Mozilla from my PC, mainly because I’m fed-up with their politics. This is why I no longer use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google. And virtually any other e-tyrant who chooses to censor it’s users for no reason other then they disagree politically. So now on to Brave. I have to say I love the browser… for the most part, but I am rapidly loosing that initial enthusiasm. Here’s why: Your security is lacking at best. I have had to download uBlock and NoScript to achieve the same level of ad protection I had with Firefox. Secondly, I have yet to find a theme that works. I have no idea why. I’ve searched far and wide for an answer to this problem which leads me to the third issue - a general lack of problem-solving information. And what IS available isn’t easy to get to. I guess each one is a small matter but they are rapidly adding up, and frankly, I’m finding it most annoying. If I have to sacrifice stability, security, and appearance for the sake of censorship, so be it. But I’m not about to sing praises to Brave because of it. Now, out of curiosity, can someone PLEASE tell me why the themes won’t work? And maybe a “custom new tab” option might be nice. Like when I open a new tab, instead of that putrid pink and a bunch of information I couldn’t care less about, I can choose a webpage or a piece of art work of my liking… That would be kinda nice. Thanks for letting me vet.

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