"I'm a Gentleman" efficient image downloader


(Yes that’s the name of it)

The default method of saving a picture is cumbersome: you right-click on the picture, click “Save…”, a dialog box pops up so you can choose where to save to and you click the Save button. That’s too many steps, imagine saving lots of pictures and having to do that for every single one? This tiny extension lets you drag an image and instantly save it when you let go of the mouse button. The extension also solves a problem of having to deal with a lot of images you want to save: with 1 click of it’s extension button, it will save all the images on a page. It also has a 3rd method where you simply hold down the Alt key and click each image to save instantly.

Extension in Chrome web store: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/im-a-gentleman/afjaicccalbbickikgdegaihmajaidpd

(Also he says the name is almost a portmanteau of image and gentleman)


That sounds awesome! Please add!

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