Ignore Right-click Override for Specific Sites

Facebook blocks mobile browsers from selecting text or opening images in new tabs. This keeps me from translating text from friends’ posts, and keeps me from opening up images in new tabs to zoom in. Other sites do other irritating things when they override right-click. Why not have a switch to ignore them?

I think such a feature might be really appreciated.

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Hey @rcampbellbassac, welcome to Community :slight_smile:

Will definitely pass your request on to the team!

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This is getting really bad. I’m getting KPL news updates in Lao, but can’t copy and translate them, and forward them on using WhatsApp/Signal. It’s a pure pain, and this is important and timely stuff.

Is there any news on this? I still have to take screenshots and pass them through Lens before I can read select and translate the contents to English. Vientiane is about to have a potential lockdown for the city, and I can’t even read the order because Facebook is [fill in the blank].

It’s been 3 years and this feature has not been implemented?? Ridiculous