iFrames & embeds blocked, fail to load

  • Facebook iFrame and SDK embeds into websites are blocked either completely or partially by Brave browser (and by Iridium, Vivaldi, and other Chromiums, and by Firefox & Yandex browsers), but ALLOWED and loading in Chrome. All used to successfully load until about the end of '21/start of '22.

Now, some browsers load the header, then have a spinning ‘loading’ circle for the feed content (which never loads), some block the whole thing, the whole frame. Chrome loads it all as intended, but is the only one that does (see attached screenshots).

Since it does, though, then I’m wondering if the problem is the source or the particular browsers, and what would be different about Chrome compared to the other Chromium browsers that block the feed.

Am mainly using a Mac desktop, Mojave OS, and now Brave version V1.38.111, but the problem manifests regardless of browser version the past several months, and on an Android tablet using Brave, as well.

Example url to visit: https://weplanetadventures.com/latest-news/

Anyone have any insights or solutions? It works in Chrome, but not in other Chromium browsers. Why would that be? If there’s some code I can add to the website output, please share it. Thanks.

- Vivaldi looks the same)

- Iridium also a total block

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