"If you’re not redirected soon, please use this link."

I think it is recent, but Brave won’t open twitter or youtube links from twitter,com or threadreaderapp.com.

E.g. when I try to share a thread from threadreader.com, I get a popup window with the text “If you’re not redirected soon, please [use this link]”. But nothing happens.
The link is: https://twitter.com/intent/tweet?text=Thread%20by%20%40comedylopez%3A%20Witnessed%20the%20most%20amazing%20thing%20on%20the%20train%20to%20Edinburgh%20yesterday.%20A%20guy%20boarded%20in%20Wigan%20%26amp%3B%20sat%20opposite%20me.%20Hsleep%20for%20an%20hour.%20When%20he%20woke%20up%20he%20bought%20a%20sandwich%2C%20ate%20it%20%26amp%3B%20went%20back%20to%20sleep.%20(This%20isn’t%20a%20maths%20tes…&url=https%3A%2F%2Fthreadreaderapp.com%2Fthread%2F1215978014728691712.html

The same applies for Youtube links in Twitter. Like this one: https://t.co/sDUyhOjuKF?amp=1

I get the above text and the [use this link] is https://cards-frame.twitter.com/i/cards/tfw/v1/uc/1216337965057822720

My Brave version is 1.3.115 on Windows 10 (64bit)

I also note that Google now seems to consider Brave less secure and it won’t let me post using a second G-Suite mail address I needed to reply from. And now Yutube informs me that it is to stop supporting my browser and I need to update it?

Hi @mcleaver,

I need a clearer understanding of the situation. So you’re saying that Brave won’t redirect you when you click on a link. This happens on threadreaderapp.com and on twitter.
Also, when you try to share a post from threadreaderapp site onto twitter it doesn’t work?

Can you show us a screen shot of that warning?

It doesn’t always crop up - but just now again Trying to open a Youtube link from Twitter.

And then when you click the link I get this.

Use this link doesn’t take me anywhere. Ther tweet is this one: https://twitter.com/benhammersley/status/1229950759384633350?s=20

What are you shield settings when you’re on twitter and on threadreaderapp?

Can you try opening the link you shared
In a new profile?

If you open the menu on the top right, you’ll see an option to create a new profile. Once you do that. Navigate to the twitter link and see if the video works.

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