If you don't have Uphold, how do you keep your BAT on Android if you want to reset your phone?

I want to reset my phone but I don’t have 25 BAT to use Uphold on my android phone. How do I keep my BAT from disappearing in case I want to reset my phone?



Did they increase the minimum requirements to 25 from 15?

Pretty sure it is 25… but is there another way to store BAT without uphold on android?

Well, I believe brave browser for PC and Android has released their new wallet, coupled with an exchange.

That’s what the site says, anyway lol. I haven’t touched my bat since I started. Had some automatically transfer toy Gemini account when I created this profile and linked my wallet.

Yeah. but for android i think the only way is for Uphold if you have minimum 25 BAT. How about if you don’t have minimum 25 BAT. How do you store it incase of a phone reset?

That was my question.


Following this. I’d like to know that info as well, since I currently have 3 devices that I can not link. Maybe @steeven or @Mattches can answer.

Your seed phrase!

Just like every wallet, there is mnemonic seed phrase you can memorize or securely store, and it allows you to sync each device. Has a QR code also.

Although, I I’m not sure if the PC and mobile versions share balances, unless that’s changed recently with the new wallet release. I haven’t installed it yet, but last I knew, they held different balances and had the same seed phrase.

This has been answered several times.
If you already have a pre-existing, KYC’d Uphold account, the minimum BAT balance does not have to be met. Simply click Continue to login in the message that appears to login to yoru Uphold account and verify.

What is KYC’d mean? Does that mean verified?

Know Your Customer.

Anti money laundering compliance. ID verification, phone number, address, selfie, social security number if applicable.

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Information about all this on our Help Center:

So why can’t we actually have a universal account for brave rewards? Like wouldn’t you have less work payment wise if you had a single account to pay to opposed to totally separate wallets on each browser instance. That way the actual brave rewards account can be linked to a gemini/uphold account.

This would permanently fix the wallet limit problems when it comes to gemini and uphold and would make android and iOS users have an easier time getting BAT from their devices… Like seriously the creators program is way more convient and better than the current user side wallet system you use now.

My honest opinion is this wallet system is way too complicated to make any progress on the actual features because it takes forever to get any features on mobile devices.

Another opinion… Which I admit is more of a conspiracy theory then anything… What if this system is purposely confusing and prone to breaking is so people will lose their BAT and therefore it artificially limits supply of BAT… And lost BAT has no value.


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Just verified my Uphold account with my driver license and linked it with my BRAVE browsers on my WORK PC, HOME PC, and my phone. Worked well. Didn’t have to have minimum 15 BAT.

Took 5 minutes.

But yeah. It would be nice to sync all BAT rewards to one account.


I actually made a feature request for a brave account in general, something that keeps information regarding your history, bookmarks, BAT, hell make the Brave account a single wallet so everything pays out to your brave account which is a wallet. Hell isn’t brave making its own gemini/uphold like thing? Why can’t that be part of a brave account.

So a lot like how brave creators accounts are set up only for users.

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I use Swift Backup (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.swiftapps.swiftbackup). Then I can restore Brave after a reset and all my BATs will be there.
I backup Brave on a daily basis.


I think ultimately this is what the “Brave Wallet” will be…your “everything” Brave spot. All BAT will be paid there and if you want to sell/swap/buy/transfer/hold, that’s where you will do it.

Would love this to be the case and then could get rid of Uphold, which I only use for BAT. Nothing against Uphold, but their UI is awful and other exchanges are better.

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