If you are publisher, please read this before you open another thread about Stats

So if you are publisher and statistics addicted like me :slight_smile: You will find this thread about updates usefull.

  1. BAT balance update:
    There are 2 major updates when BAT is added to your account. 19:15 - 19:20 CET and 01:15 - 01:20 CET. There are some minor updates in between, but this 2 are steady throughout the day.

  2. Statistics update:
    Somewhere in between 2:00 and 4:00 CET this is update for downloads and instals from previous day and confirmations for a month before.

  3. New group stats:
    These are basically live, as I understand the torquise group statistics for current month are the actually live BAT updates for a month before. So you see in real time what confirmations of BAT will be added in BAT update time. :slight_smile:


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