If the developer team has seen these tests ( https://privacytests.org/ ) what is being done to fix them?

Hello Brave dev team

In view of these tests carried out in several browsers, what is being done by the Brave team of developers to fix them and when will these possible improvements in security and privacy be ready? Of course, if the tests have any relevance and importance to the Brave!

More information follows:

One, two are solved in nightly builds like HTS cache ( the first red cross).

These tests are done on default settings and not for highly hardened settings. If you hardern the brave browser to its limit via changing various flags in brave://flags, some of them will be solved automatically.

The dev of this particular website is himself an engineer at brave. Meaning they know where they lack in certain areas like screen fingerprinting and may try to improve the browser in this sector
https://privacytests.org/about.html (see last point)



Re What is Brave doing

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