If someone delete brave and reinstall with my referral will it count?

So I have a person he has never used brave app for 30 days in his device and he wanted to delete brave app he has currently ( downloaded 1 day ago from AppStore)
And reinstall with my referral
Will it count? And I get paid if he install with my referral and use it for 30 days

He should delete the Data and Cache folder for Brave and than uninstall and install with ur referal link. This should work.

Hello @iSteal @Ragegamedude

if this work then that would lead to a lot of miss leading installation many will remove their brave then reinstall it to help the on who has the referral code

and have a nice day both of you


Hmm yea but there is always a way for such shady people. I am currently working on some apps for android and if you delete the app you delete all configuration files aswell from android filesystem. So it must be the same with brave and i dont think they can prevent something like this.

If you delete the cache and data folder everything is resettet to fresh installed app.

But the person whose referral is used will get rewards after 30 days of usage.
And the person who has installed the browser don’t get anything just by installing. Doing this works but it’s a waste of time.

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there still some to the android folder but not sure if they use that way or not
and also that way can be passed by reset the phone

but i guess there other way but i am not sure how they check that

and hope no one use that as it would lead brave to disable all referral program

and i guess soon they will disable it as yesterday was first step by disable it to new creators

all of that is just guess

and have a nice day everyone


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