If my phone does not support SafetyNet should I still care about Rewards?

Hi members, admin and modos.
Just a simple question: I use a specific custom ROM (from /e/ foundation) on my phone. If this one does not pass SafetyNet test, should I still use Brave as I will never receive my rewards as far as I understood?
Thanks for clarification…

While you cannot use/receive Rewards, there is still a multitude of reasons you should be using Brave. Here’s a good place to start:

So you confirm that I can not receive rewards if a mobile phone doesn’t pass SafetyNet, That’s clear! Thank you.

I found this, if interested. A way to bypass Safetynet?

I think Google have made it even harder since that article was published. If you follow the Magisk threads on XDA you will see what I mean.
You certainly need GAAPS to make it happen.

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