If manifest v3 doesnt impact brave shields, shouldnt brave shields also be updatable with old chromium builds?

if shields are completely independent then please patch those all shields based updates to the older chromium 109 build soon… want to have a piece of mind that even if there are no chromium based new features are not available, there will be always be Brave Shields working 24x7 by guarding the browser and just keep blocking anything gets in the way…

Only two things are Important for me in a browser now

Brave Shields
Extensions support

For me all of the extensions are working and also receiving updates… its just the affirmation of brave shields will always be with me that i am looking for… please make sure these two are working… only chromium 110 update and higher cant be delivered to older windows versions But if needed, you can modify the 1.47.186 and make the build to to be updatable with brave shields which has no relations or dependency with chromium based updates.

Adblocker is not independent, I don’t know what made you think it is but it is pretty integrated in the Brave core, every update is added as commit co Brave-Core, even if the adblocker gets updated, if there are not commits/PRs for Brave-Core, the browser will not get an update.
And then, adblocker (not shields, shields are the ‘whole thing’ not the adblocker), depends on a lot of fixes and components and stuff, like DNS resolver Brave added to the fork, making it the only Chromium browser capable of CNAME uncloaking.
Last time they changed something about RUST, and it broke the way Exceptions were made, it was fixed within a day, but that’s how a simple change in something else affected Brave Adblock because it is written in RUST and all that.
Or when they released the support for :has() they had to do other stuff so it would work with the Standard vs Aggressive logic, so they had to plug many wires to implement it.
Or how Brave wasn’t blocking websockets or it failed to block when a http upgrade happened.
You get the point, it is a lot of things that come to play for the Adblock to work.

What Brave doesn’t do is depends on Extensions API or WebRequest or declaravieNetRequest for the adblocker. That’s a complete different topic than ‘independent from brave-core’ and then being able to be a separate product.

The only current implementation that depends on Extension API that has to do with the adblocker is the Element Picker, because the old Shields Panel, was an extension, but it had to be ported so Android would get the Cosmetics Engine.

The real question here is, why aren’t you updating Brave?
If you were in an old Mac, then I am sure you can hack it and install a recent version, I am sure it is possible.
Since it seems you are in Windows, then there is no excuse for using an old version of Brave, because it’s even easier to get Win10 or Win11, both free, and pretty much installable even if you want Win11 and don’t have TPM or a supported processor.

The only things old versions are getting is Filter list updates, but it will fail eventually when breaking changes happen in Brave and the way it does lists and all that.
With all the bugs I have reported with a lot of things around Adblocker, I wonder how many bugs and how behind the 1.47.186 build is.

I mean, Brave doesn’t have ESR and no Browser today support Win8 or Win7 anymore. Not even Firefox, since the ESR will only get security patches and that’s it.

Anyway, uBlock and Adguard and others will have Manifestv3 extensions and old versions of Brave will never lose the manifestv2 updates, so you might use the last manifestv2 uBlock or Adguard, whenever they stops releasing V2 and focus on Manifestv3 only, since they will be the only allowed in Chrome store.

thanks for the update

i wonder why brave team wont make use of AI or chatgpt to make a fully functional browser similar to firefox… it would be nice to have more options and would be willing to pay a monthly fee if they provide support for older windows

why not upgrade ?




older os is better

older os just works perfectly, its just microsoft wont provide monthly security updates… besides that browser version 1.47.186 is almost considered perfect if yt was not existent… all sites works correctly except youtube and i also lost interest in youtube because now they not only put a lot of ads but also throttle the quality…worst part is even the 1080p and the decreased bitrates looks poor for free users

Brave browser could have been perfectly working browser that still gets updates for older operating system if google wasn’t in the way but since google got lazy and so does brave because brave becomes powerless if google says NO

Wish we as brave users were independent and the decision maker was BRAVE team and Not google or microsoft…

this is what brave browser should aim to be by being independent browser

  1. Brave is working in a AI summarizer in the Browser, as a Sidebar element. It can be used right now in Nightly but as far as I know, it only works if you have a VPN subscription.
    They are still working on it, but they will offer a limited Free version eventually.
    The problem is Brave is not a big company and doesn’t have millions to develop the browser faster.
    This is the reason why Manifestv2 won’t be probably supported after its complete removal, or why Extension API wasn’t added on Android.

    It is not ChatGPT, I guess because of privacy concerns.

  2. You should stop reading internet posts… especially on reddit, do you know why most people in this forum complain about bugs and problems? because that’s what people do, sometimes you see people with positive posts and thanking Brave Team, but it’s rare, nobody reports ‘good things’.
    I use Win11 in supported and unsupported (old) computers, and it works fine. People are always complaining, and I am not going to open those links to read lame reasons why not to upgrade.

    The thing is, Windows is just a shell, you can pretty much replace the whole thing, sometimes I completely kill Explorer and I use it with terminal, the only thing that is not the best is the Alt+Tab, but it is functional.

    Windows is a Program Launcher, so nothing matters, as long as I can launch and use programs. So I can use a 3rd party explorer like I often use, or VSCode instead of Notepad, or Registryfinder instead of regedit, and etc etc etc, because I am fine with using Terminal for many useful commands like even using 7zip, and using 3rd party apps to accomplish whatever I have to accomplish.

    Most people I see complaining always seem like they love staring at the OS UIs and never use any program, I barely see the Windows UI or use it. For example I never use Windows start menu, I used to use Flow Launcher, but now I use Powertoys Run, because I like some tools Powertoys has, even if Flow Launcher let’s you customize it more. I already said many times I use terminal or a 3rd party file explorer to manage files and all that, there are even free ones like Double Commander so no excuses, I like to even use Far Manager but I guess I don’t need it as much when doing stuff through terminal.
    Even my Firewall is third party, because it allows me to use wildcards and all, so yeah… I could careless about if Windows looks good or not or has something I don’t care about.

    Most people love to complain about minimal things, and they barely know how to turn a computer on, I am the type of person that can break and fix windows and know how open it is and how better it is compared to the other OS, because it supports the software I need, and I don’t need to do dumb crap like Wine and VMs just to make a program work when I can just use Windows.

  3. That’s the problem you are not seeing, Chromium is the one that dropped support for Windows 7 and 8, Brave just wants to be more in sync as a fork, you can’t just keep adding back old changes only because people aren’t willing to upgrade FOR FREE.

    Yes, the OS might be functional, but what do you do if programs aren’t compatible?
    You make it sound like it is only Chromium or Brave that doesn’t support Windows 7 or 8, but most programs I use don’t support any older version.

    The truth is you also have to think it has to do with hardware and software, it is not just Microsoft, also, Microsoft doesn’t want to support 30 versions of their software, just like nobody does, most of the time upgrades = the older version might work but it will not be supported anymore.

    At least on Desktop you can upgrade, unlike if you were on a phone, where you have to find some build from some OS that might not fully work or have many bugs. Phones are only supported for two years, and for example, Chromium dropped support for Android 6 this year, Android 7 next year and so on.

    But I can still give a list of companies and some individual software that don’t support Win7 or 8, you might not use your browser for more than basic stuff, I don’t know you, but this is the reality, Closed source or Open source, paid or free, many software only support Win10+

  • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects Premiere, etc, plus their Substance Suite for 3D texturing, rendering and sculpting etc, , Autodesk Entertainment and Architect software (Maya, 3dsmax, Autocad, Revit, etc), SideFX Houdini (win8+), Affinity Software, Maxon Software (Cinema4d and Zbrush, Red Giant etc), Blender (8.1+), BMD Davinci Resolve, Presonus Studio One, Open Broadcasting Software - OBS, Marmoset Toolbag, Foundry (Modo, Katana, Nuke, Mari etc), Unreal Engine, Vegas Software, Krita (8.1+), Wacom Drivers…

    Well, you get the point, too many software doesn’t already support Win7.

    Not supported doesn’t mean it won’t work in Win7, like Chromium/Brave and Adobe and others don’t even let you install in Win7, but for example Krita, an open source software, while it ‘runs’ the developers for example said, if something breaks because of Win7, we won’t fix it. So, different terms for supported but it can result in the same.

    Many of the software I mentioned, don’t support Win7 because they want Directx12 and stuff like that, that’s why I told you it also has to do with Hardware vendors and their drivers.

    I mean, Windows, at least you get backwards compatibility pretty good, on MacOS it’s not as nice as Windows, and Linux is a boring OS where most of the software I mentioned doesn’t even work in Linux, and using Wine and all that, it’s dumb, when I cause Windows.

Well, saying all this, it is your choice not to upgrade, it is easy to even get a legal-from Microsoft, licensed Windows version, even if you change the motherboard or something which will break the whole license.
But you can’t come and tell me, the reason you don’t upgrade is for lame reasons from complainers on the internet who probably barely know how to use a computer, or use it for nothing but staring at the OS and watch youtube and tiktok.

And I am sorry to tell you, you are wrong. Windows 10 is better than Win7 and Win11 is better than Win10.
For example: Winget, Terminal cURL and Tar, are included in the OS, the right click on the start button, which might be the only time I truly use taskbar or start menu, was a great addition.
Dark mode for UI when I need to use Settings or something.
Snipping tool which even includes to record the screen now.
The way you can set up on windows 11 a program to open ‘once’ without making the format open in that program after that.
Virtual desktops.
Night Light.
How you can easily set the GPU to use the dGPU or iGPU without having to deal with Nvidia or AMD for that.
Xbox Gamebar can be useful since it includes sound mixer and recording or screen too, and other interesting widgets.
Audio mixer where you can route a program to use the speaker you want it to use without third party software or virtual audio devices/cables.
The task switcher alt+tab and win+tab.

Small details, nothing big, but I can run any program I want without problems. Of course there are more features in Win11 than Win10 and Win7 but I don’t use many.

Also, you might say “but I can use third party programs to do all you said” true, and you can also use third party programs to modify and customize and hack Windows to do what you want.
When you can just go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon and replace Shell value with any program you want instead of explorer and then you won’t see Windows OS shell anymore. Of course, there will be issues, but it can be replaced completely if anyone wants.

Anyway, take care and have a good day. I am just showing you the reality, not some “but Windows 11 has this small feature that sucks” I either don’t care, fix it myself or replace it.

Same with Brave, if I was like most people ‘requesting features’ and waiting for Brave team to add them, I would probably be using something else, many of the things I do in Brave, especially the adblocker is because I use workarounds or ‘hack’ the files, or make the custom rules myself or something, but I get similar functionality to uBlock, because I don’t just hope and request, but do it.

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we like windows while its experiences was in the old school days of 2007 to 2014 where the older operating systems feels like its made for computers…

The start of UWP and WinUI based app designs in the win10 and Win11 makes the windows to be simpler as a mobile operating systems which results in removal of features which we were used to from Win 7 and 8.1

Backwards compatible advantage of 3rd party apps is of no use when some of the core windows features are scrapped. One such example is file explorer design, its completely wrecked and slow where it would display a message “working on it…” before showing the data… older version of windows never had this issue even on HDD where the win11 with ssd and older windows operating systems with hdd essentially display the same media content inside the file explorer of pictures/videos…etc

i do not like win 10 but the tile based start menu looks cool but when win 11 arrived, it should have been improvement but win 11 is downgrade with circle shaped app buttons and no fancy animations, not highly customizable as older operating systems, also the taskbar seems to not be fixed yet.

If windows 11 were ready to provide options to go back to old task manager, old start menu, old file explorer and gets good at customization, i may make the switch to it but windows 11 and higher versions aims to close the bridge of gap both between phones, tablets and computers and make all of it looks same which comes at a price of removal of features and catastrophic design wreck

you were talking mostly about features and 3rd party apps supporting but forgotten about the beauty aspect… Maybe for you, you dont care about ease of access and how the core of your workspace going to look, but for me, they are highly important and i want everything to make it look the way i want, only older windows operating systems serves these purpose

sorry but modern winUI is not user friendly and highly limits my ability to customize things and your long list of apps are mostly used by people working in the media field, vfx or making videos and games which i have no relation…

For me, Browser is the highly used software as there are many things which can be done online and great way for entertainment and passing time

i want vpn ? there are vpn software’s still providing updates such as Proton VPN
i want to play movies/videos ? current version of vlc can do it for the next 15 years without updates
Want powerful music player ? Foobar2000 still provides updates
Want Spotify ? Still works
want downloader ?Hitomi downloader still provides updates
want torrent ? utorrent works
want better shell ? Icaros still receives updates
want messanger ? Telegram still gets updates
want to check drive’s health ? crystaldiskinfo still delivers updates
want to encode ? Handbrake, avidemux and mkvmerge still works and will continue to work forever because most of these software updates are only dealing with ui changes and changing them according to QT, WinUI adaptions…etc where the essential core features are already provided before 8 years…

So As you can see, i have all what’s needed for my use case EXCEPT for BROWSER

Still its hard to comprehend there are 8 billion in earth and still not a single company cant do something challenging if google is not ready to help as even the daddy of windows gave up… Hopefully brave do something unique not to launch an entirely new browser but figuring out a way to not leave behing older windows operating systems like working on something like this and patching it with older brave version for which stopped giving updates 1.47.186



As far as I know, Microsoft has completely ended security updates for Windows 7.

It would be idiotic for Brave, who are working on improving safety and privacy of people, to promote an OS which will be filled with vulnerabilities, by continuing to support it.

i am not seeing any news that hackers who have successfully exploited or discovered any security hole to hack the machines that are running Windows 7/8.1 with all updates installed.

Stop saying this thing and also its rare that any hacker group would target these older windows versions due to less userbase.

Win32 and WinRT are great and should be given support if possible

the workability of Supermium browser running chromium 115 on Windows 7 and 8.1 proves brave can do it too, atleast if it takes time to make extended kernel and wont be able to allot time, brave should offer us some way to port the brave shields with supermium browser

the browser is still in infantry stage, But After seeing supermium browser working, i can say its by no means making brave browser to support older operating systems is impossible, its just brave chosen not to do it

i hope atleast brave is generous and provides me a way to get brave shields patched with supermium as its also build using chromium… its sad how one person managed to make supermium working but brave with a team of 150+ chosen to ignore

And for your security perspective, its not always necessary for a company to provide only recommended solution but also pack the software with not recommended solution (like your opinion of providing support to windows 7/8.1 = make the browser/company vulnerable)

if a company has to provide only recommended solution then Microsoft would not provided this option, but this option is packed despite being unsafe… so its ultimately customer choice to choose on which side of sword they need to stay and the software maker defaulting to the recommended solution but still have the not recommended solution packed in it.

Similar to nightly, brave can make brave legacy for older operating systems with similar to supermium and make it available only on github(if not on brave.com)

Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. It just means you don’t know where to look.

You would be correct in saying it’s hard to find any articles from the last year or so. Heck, I’ve noticed they tend not to narrow down OS like they used to in the news. There’s a tons of things out about ransomware, malware, and hackers out there but there’s no “specifically targeting Windows 7” or “specifically targeting Windows 11” going on. Instead they just speak about people getting hit.

However, it is critical to realize that there are hundreds of vulnerabilities that have been found for Windows 7 where security patches aren’t coming. All it will take is that lottery for you to “win” one of those viruses, ransomware, etc.

And I do mention lottery because it seems like getting viruses or malware is a bit of a lottery. Chances of any one person being targeted or getting it is kind of slim. The chances increase the more you play, such as if you’re constantly downloading torrents, clicking on junk emails (especially if downloading their attachments), etc. That’s true on all OS new and old. But at least newer OS have security systems to stop things if they do find their way, where older will leave you completely susceptible.

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i won’t say i love the brave browser for the privacy/security aspect But mainly for the shields and also for the UI, Stylish icons,Stability, Never crashed…etc… As long as shields are up and running, nothing to worry…

The malware/virus/trojan thing wont affect me and haven’t affected me for a very long time as i don’t crave/look for pirated softwares and wont essentially install anything by running .exe files most of the times(as most of the softwares i use are classic + super trustworthy and if i were to install something, i will make sure it is from trusted source only)

Windows Smart screen is ON, UAC is ON, Firewall is on, Remote Connection/Assistance is off, Ask where to save before download is ON so these basic security is more than enough for any auto download/execution…

More than thinking about someone is going to hack, i care mainly about functionality of websites… For now, for all of the websites which i use, there are no problems whatsoever, all are stable and fully functional except for google owned websites… But im thinking about Long term perfection, will brave shields continue to be perfect for all of the next upcoming years without brave team working behind the scenes ? that’s the question, what if suddenly brave team decide to change the inner workings of shields which might end up breaking/stopping ad resource library component updates… so i have to think about those things too which is the reason why i ask brave team to explore possibilities to keep supporting older windows versions before its too late and things have gotten out of hands

All of the Mainstream Chromium based browser makers left the scene as of now and its literally NO one out there now to provide browser support for Win 7/8.1 so if brave starts supporting, it will serve as advertising with people who want to stay on older operating systems and most importantly, it gives a sense of achievement, as it will also deliver a message like there is a company that still exists which is ready to take on challenge if Google is not ready to help and succeed at making something work onto something which google essentially doesn’t want…

check this article for example


people will talk about it and it will increase the company’s name image for achieving this especially now as brave have established as Mainstream

We dont need support for everything like brave rewards, brave wallet, brave vpn because its too much of a hassle to maintain everything but they can offer the rest like the chromium updates, shields updates, ui updates, feature updates like sidebar…etc

A new brave chromium builds with shields support and not having brave rewards/brave wallet would be neat… Brave wallet and brave rewards can be ignored for the Brave Legacy build to greatly reduce the bug reports, security issue reports on the brave community as the legacy version of brave browser are being provided for older operating systems(which will be considered as insecure but still being provided with the updates) just for the sake of all websites functionality and helping the people who love older operating systems to interact with websites(while other chromium browser makers including firefox seem to have left behind these certain group of people with no mercy and make it blatantly show off they work and their company’s existence is there only for profits and nothing else like goodwill, working for a social cause, establishing a special achievement and being known for something unique).

it doesn’t excite me while a company is doing nothing special except continuously doing mostly what others are doing and trying to 1up them which eventually gets them labelled as just another browser… Supermium given me hopes but still… having brave team come forward and providing support would be really cool as its like i have been continuously using brave for 5 years now… and suddenly having to change gives that feeling of void…

Finally, again, its not easy for someone to hack my pc considering how limited my PC use case is… But Even if someone somehow manage to hack my pc(which wont happen), it will only take me 50 minutes to restore the PC to the exact working state as how it was before including all app data settings after performing a reformat…

see this post which i made on reddit


Right from chipset drivers, All software Backup are readily available

i will learn the lesson and move on if someone managed to trick me but essentially that wont happen for my use case. So please do not make it in a way someone hacking my PC is equivalent to killing me… hacks wont happen that easily without user who uses the operating system does something which they shouldnt be doing(doing something which they dont know about what they are doing)

Microsoft has perfected the windows 8.1/7 security before killing support…

I may not have in-depth software knowledge, but as a Windows PC user, i know what to do and What not to do… Whom to trust, Whom to Not Trust… Figuring out which is real and which is fake…

So i kindly request brave team to change their mind, choose to be cool guy and provide support because i really like it

Maybe For Brave Legacy, they can modify the installer and show up warning before installation… Like this

For Brave Legacy, the warning can be something like this

Welcome to Brave Legacy Installation!

The Brave Legacy version is lightweight build of our stable mainstream browser compiled for to be used by people who are using older operating systems such as Windows 7 and 8.1. The Legacy version of brave doesn’t include Brave Wallet and Brave Rewards for security reasons and to reduce bug reports. While Brave Shields in the Legacy version of Brave will protect you against malicious websites, trackers and continue to block most of the privacy invading invasive ads, it doesn’t make your computer fully secure against hackers. If you want fullest security, we highly encourage you to upgrade your operating system to Windows 10 or higher and use the official stable version of brave which you can get it from our website brave.com

By Clicking Install, You acknowledge that you’re choosing to install and use this version of brave at your own risk and brave software INC. wont be liable for any damage caused to you

this upgrade advice is same as this

***Similar to tor browser recommendation… hope you get the theme idea… please make it available on Github… very grateful for support… Thanks.