If i Uninstall Brave, do i lost all the information and passwords?

Hi, i was planning in reseting my phone back to fabric settings but i got this question in my mind.
Do i lost everything that i got in the app? Because i searched for like “user settings” but i dont find any. Idk, just let me know if you know the anwer


What device you have?

Backup your bookmarks and passwords by sync with another device.
Export your passwords to another place like sd card.

If verified, your BATs with Uphold or Gemini are safe. Estimated earnings are lost. In this case better reinstall after payout.
If not verified, you lose all BATs.

@FreddyKiller012 I don’t feel like retyping it all, but please check out FAQ I made as I talk about this in there. Passwords, Bookmarks, etc need to be synced. Rewards either manually saved and moved over or have to be Verified. Anyway, go to FAQ and look for topics. It’s toward the bottom, BRAVE SYNC/BACKUP & RESTORE

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