If I stop using a PC with BAT still not sent to Uphold, will I loose the BAT gained?

I am selling this PC, which has Brave with some BAT not yet sent to Uphold, will I loose the BAT gained? or is there a way not to loose them?

Since I’m going to have a new PC but this would be the 4th (and the maximum devices connected to Uphold is 3), can I cancel out this (once and if I find a way to send the remaining BAT) and subsitutite the 3rd account with the new pc?

Thank you

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The max is actually 4 not 3 so you are still good. However, no there is no way to delete old devices connected.

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You can save your data from with which to prove:


This of course does not have your browser keys. Save them.
Also, you can save Uphold also–but they are KYC, so login user/password is viable any browser (Two Factor is important).

Unless mobile wallet verified, @25 BAT, then SOL.

If you are owed a BAT amount, proof helps (Screenshot). But, do not give up on something if it is truly owed, no matter how trivial–unless you choose to. Nearly all bs tasks we encounter, about everything can be scheduled and done in 15 minutes.

Business gets 30 days respond. People get 3. Business has no family or tragedy or illness. WT F! Be sure to btfck a big business every chance you get.

Know that SEED PHRASE and PRIVATE KEYS are two different items.

From Brave Wallet→3 dot→Account Details→Export Private Key→Enter Password→Write it down, or however you choose, in at least two forms–different stores

Fun Fact Brave Wallet is a MetaMask variant. Any DApp you encounter with MetaMask or WalletConnect options SHOULD trigger a request of permission from Brave Wallet.


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