If I open tor browser by the mistake, am I safe?

I want to use the brave browser on my computer, but every time when I’m going to use it, I just think about one question, If I open tor window by mistake like I’m using one page and then from my keyboard, I opened tor, so what will happen, am I safe then? and If it’s maximized? What will be about my personal pieces of information?

PS: I’m from Bangladesh, and I’m a freelancer, so please note about my privacy.

Simply opening a Tor private window isn’t a reason for you to worry about. If you use Brave’s Tor private windows but want to remain as anonymous as possible, it’s highly recommended to use the Tor browser instead as it provides additional privacy features that are not included in Brave’s Tor private windows.

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… than just… use Tor window inside Brave. AFAIK, when you open new Tor window with Brave, browser uses the same Tor client as Tor Browser, just headless ( without UI )


The following website will give an idea of what your (testing) Internet browser(s) reveals:


Articles re your concern:

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