If I have multiple different Brave Rewards accounts connected to the same Uphold account, will Uphold tell me which one payments are coming from?


I have an Uphold account set up and verified already, and it’s tied to my personal Brave Rewards account.

Now I’m working on a new project which has its own Brave Rewards account, and I won’t be the only shareholder.

I’d like to connect this new Brave Rewards account to my already-verified Uphold account for simplicity, but I want to make sure:

  1. that this is possible (and Uphold allows multiple Brave Rewards accounts to be associated with one Uphold account)

  2. that Uphold will clearly indicate which Brave Rewards account each payment is coming from

Right now, the interface in Uphold doesn’t seem like it would give me much information regarding the split, and that I might have to just see which payment came from where based on the emails that are sent to the Brave Rewards email address to know how to split the payouts sent to the Uphold account.

I asked Uphold’s support about this and they just sent me over here, so I figured this was the best place to ask. I’d really appreciate any clarification on this :slight_smile:


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Hi @givebat,

IMO, you can use your publisher statement to see how much contribution that you received for each site/channel.



hi @eljuno, So we can connect more then one brave rewards account to same uphold account



Hey! Thanks for the response :slight_smile:

The publisher statement within my Brave publisher account does tell me that, but I’m concerned about the part where it goes from the Brave publisher account into Uphold.

If it’s going into an Uphold account where another Brave publisher account is also sending BAT, I guess it’s just up to me to look at the Brave publisher statements to manually separate out which came from where?

I kind of see it like water coming from two different hoses into one cup, and then I need to measure out the millilitres after it’s all in the cup… I guess I can live with that if it’s the only solution, or maybe I need to submit a feature request to Uphold to get what I want.



I believe you will always receive generic “You have received a transaction from Brave Software International” messages for deposits to the common Uphold account. As a result, you may need to view the pay statements inside your individual Brave Publisher/Creator accounts in order to divide and distinguish the BAT.

Thanks, and love the site!

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Okay cool, that’ll work for now then. Thanks! Maybe I’ll reach out to Uphold again and see if there’s any way their interface could denominate which account the payouts are coming from in the future.

And thank you! :slight_smile: I’m excited to keep building on it and evolving it as the ecosystem grows and develops.


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