If I disconnect my gemini wallet does it free up one of the 4 lifetime wallets?

I need to reimage my desktop OS. If I disconnect from my gemini wallet does it free up one of the 4 lifetime wallets? I want to be able to fresh install brave once I reimage and would simply like to reconnect to my gemini wallet.

If it works the same as Uphold, which i assume so, device limits still count even if you disconnect them. There is currently no way to remove stale device limits except for Uphold, however, that only allows 1 device removal at this time.

Thanks for replying. I refuse to use Uphold. They hold your tokens hostage and charge fees where Gemini does not. Before I knew about the 4 wallet cap, I had burned through some with other profiles that I deleted so I am out of options. I thought I heard somewhere about a new
option with Solana at some point?? I guess I am screwed once I wipe my PC and reimage. At least until they provide another option.

They should be working on a way to eventually allow self users to remove devices. However, not certain if this is coming anytime soon in 2022.

In addition, the uphold fees may be based on where you live. In the US for me, Uphold barely takes anything when I cash out BAT. Something like 0.33 cents or something. Gemini however seems to take a flat fee of $1.95 or something like that for me. So i lose out a whole lot of BAT with Gemini

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