If I can't unlink devices from Brave, can I import/export my Brave Rewards profile?

Hi! I got verified wallet on brave with Windows 10. As you all know, Windows 11 published recently and I’m not eligible for it (CPU probs). I want to format my pc and switch to Linux but I reached max device limit. My problems are:

  1. Is there any way to unlink the Uphold and enlarge the device limit?
  2. If not, is there any way to transfer my browser data one to another? I mean without the unlink proccess, can I export my Brave profile completely than import it into new Linux DE? (With Uphold wallet and Rewards data)
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Unfortunately, there is no way to do either.

The whole situation is a big joke. They are promising payment in return of viewing ads, but make it near impossible to cash the payments out.

We have wallet unlinking tools currently being implemented for both support team and individual users presently that will allow you to unlink wallets from custodial accounts. We will be sure to inform everyone once they are ready for use.


Thanks for information. How can we use it? Should we decide one device as a master device?

We’ll have more information/instructions on this once it’s ready for release. We do appreciate your patience.

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You may see progress here as well.

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